(2)syl frontal shot 
(2)syl in a 3/4 shot.  She doesn't normally wear clothes like that.  You'll just have to use your imagination if you want to see her with blue hair.
Aran looks calm in this full body shot.  It's particularly interesting that you can't see his hands and consequently have no idea what weapons he's got there. 
Aran full body shot
Head shot of Aran with cool hair. 
Aran profile
Wirewitch profile 
Not so sure you would want to kiss a wirewitch after taking a look at a close-up, eh?  A detailed head-shot which shows extra skin detail.
Quick head-shot sketch of a warlock.
Head to toe shot of Kiiziiziixii.  Talon-tipped hair tendrils and machinery integrated thigh are of particular interest. 
Aran flying 
Aran in all his battle-ready glory.  He's got it all here:  Wings, claws, armor, and attitude.
A rare full-body shot of a wirewitch.  Of particular note are the long hair stalks. 
(2)syl back shot3/4 shot of (2)syl's back.
Kiiziiziixii side view.  Of particular notice are the skin etchings on her arm and her face.
This is a unique shot of (2)syl, Aran, and Phoenix together.  They normally don't like posing for shots, but made an exception this once.  Clothing and hair are the interesting aspects of this shot. 
(2)syl, Aran, and Phoenix
(2)syl's back sketch 
Original drawing of the "tattoo" on (2)syl's back.
Ta-kyn full body shot
Full body shot of Ta-kyn.  His feet and robotic arms are of particular interest.  He appears at ease though.  Not too much that is threatening about this guy.


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