ask me not

d    o        n    o    t        q    u    e    s    t    i    o    n        m    e        y    o    u    r        m    a    s    t    e    r

the unanswered
to the darkened heavens. . .
the heavy burdens
the weary souls
the stumbling blocks
the gaping holes
why?    why?    why?    why?
the assault unending
the defiled pure
the devious scheme
the dangling lure
Why?    Why?    Why?    Why?
the innocent dead
the guilty freed
the prospering hate
the murderous deed
WHy?    WHy?    WHy?    WHy?
the people inflicted
the young stricken
the gangrene within
the growing sicken
WHY?    WHY?    WHY?    WHY?
 through the void, pinpricks. . .


    Your eyes stare me down and what do I see?
I once yearned for you but I've learned life's lesson.
No more will I fall prostrate to you or let my head incline your way.
I cannot take the wound that it brings for I am a babe among wolves.
    There is a vampire in this pit.
    There is a rat scurrying about my feet.
My fingers claw at the dirt stained walls but these stones have no doors.

    Your face turns my way and who do I see?
Bubble bubble the spell has been cast and my hands shield my ears.
I convince myself that I am impervious but I think I am lying to me.
My form is helpless in your grasp but you don't even blink a lash.
    A ghost just spoke my name.
    A dream just became solid reality.
My struggle only serves to tighten the web and soon I am bound unmoving.

    Your arms hold me tight and where do I run?
A prisoner bound into dungeon tossed but sometimes you visit me.
Here and there my soul paces its cell and there is a window way up there.
My hands press my forehead and that is when I surrender to the vortex of you.
    I am friends with the moon.
    I have whispered words with the stars.
My will is cracked into sand and I must kneel at the beauty of your throne.


s    o    m    e    b    o    d    y        a    n    s    w    e    r        m    e


this page and it's contents copyright (c) 1997 by ethan cooper