no end

c    a    n        i        c    o    n    t    i    n    u    e        i    n        f    u    t    i    l    i    t    y


That wisp of hair touching your cheek when you turn your head my way...

The sun's heat on my back, and--ohmygoodness I can see...
    You look - my thoughts dance.
    You stare - my heart dissolves.
    You laugh - my face likewise.
    You twinkle - my life turns from death.

There's a Monarch on your shoulder, but myself is gone once again as...
    You move - Who?  What?  When?  Why?  Where?
    You dance - awed, I stumble.
    You fly - dazed, I plummet.
    You twirl - ...i...can't...even...think...

It's raining now and the drops cleanse your skin, but...
    You fall - and there is bright silence.
    You cry - and fire clouds freeze.
    You sing - and solemn wind blows.
    You die - and candle wishes are lost.

As the wind goosebumps my skin you are near, and now I can almost watch...
    You touch - demon night banished.
    You whisper - gold silk veils flutter.
    You breathe - infinite moebius twist-cycle.
    You love - dost thou love?

Oh, but again you are gone and I, eyes-closed dreamer, think of how...
    You will - concrete fortresses crumble.
    You live - heaven angel haven.
    You create - God-given wonderbeauty.
    You are - unreachable.

I will deny what I cannot confess, but I will remember that wisp of hair...

Tug of the Chain

I will not fall, and you can't force me.
You have no effect; it will not be.
Giving in is no option; can't you see?
So I'll pass by your way, quite merrily.

 [But then your memory invades my disquiet]

I will not drop, and humble my knees.
I must remain strong, nevermind your pleas.
Groping for solace; where is the liquid breeze?
Immovable my soul; Oh God, please!

[But then your beauty stirs embers once chilled]

I will not regret, of this I am sure.
My feelings denied, but you're baiting the lure.
Agony infests my shadow; you say you're the cure?
The stone wall is broken; I no longer endure.

[But across the cosmos your radiant smile explodes my will]

I will not resist; the eternal strain.
Helpless am I for you, my weakness the lasting drain.
You permeate my vision, crimson lips touching forehead plain.
Siren song of ancients; the zombie life my bane.

[But your hand on my shoulder is all I find myself needing]



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