m    y        i    n    s    i    d    e    s        m    a    k    e        m    e        s    i    c    k        s    o    m    e    t    i    m    e    s


             I want it all.
             What do you have to offer?
             What do you have to give?
             If you can t give me anything,
             Then you don t deserve to live.

 I want to hate
             to love
             to hurt (you) and
             to embrace

             I want everything.
             Where can I find pleasure?
             Where can I find joy?
             I m looking, searching, grasping, groping,
             Better give it to me, boy.

 I want to crush
             to comfort (you) and
             to kill
             to breathe

             I wantIwantIwant
             I want it just for me.
             What can I take from you?
             May I steal from which you lack?
             Myself won t let me consider,
             Your life at which I hack.

 I want to touch (you) and
             to feel
             to smile
             to cry

             (but mostly) I want (you) to need (me)


u    p    d    o    w    n    l    e    f    t    r    i    g    h    t        s    p    i    n        a    n    d        f    a    l    l


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