Word Definition Usage
bangboy A violent individual who favors brutality and gratuitous explosions. "Typical bangboy--all guns, no brains."
coretrash Extreme insult.  Refers to technological beings.  Implies useless or meaningless technology or code. "You're coretrash."
Eiech Eiech is/was a location in cyberspace that was well known for various netizens disapearing or being brainfried.   Not a happy place, it was avoided like the plauge. "Where in the Eiech are you?"
glitch No meaning.  All purpose obscenity.  The origin of this word has been lost. "What the glitch is going on?!?" 
"Whoa, we are glitched!"
g'ekk A small, slimy creature which is well known for eating its own feces. "That little g'ekk stole my heart, and my kidney!"
j'aa Slang for the rotting remains of a g'ekk.  The corpses of g'ekks give off an extremely unpleasant odor. "I will reduce that man to a pile of j'aa!"
keetcha Extremely derogatory nomenclature.  Refers to a being who engages in sexual perversions.  Its most common usage is in reference to females. "That little keetcha stole my boyfriend!"
techtrash Derogatory term for beings with technology who are believed to be going insane. "It's time to take this techtrash out."
tinwit Derogatory.  Slang for a Technomancer. "I outta brainfry that tinwit."
vootch No real meaning.  Multi-purpose insult.  Connotates low intelligence though. "You stupid vootch."
brainfry The act of discharging energy directly into the brain of a being bearing technology inside its skull.  This usually results in death. "Ta7 was brainfried last week.  Tried to tap a 'Corp computer."


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