199X - Second Age Of The Sword

This is as far as history can remember in texts.   Stories exist of before hand, but only as legends, myths, and old old stories.  Known roughly as the 'Second Age Of The Sword', when the earth returned to a dark period of time.   New technology was used in old ways as battles and wars from centuries past resurfaced.   Shrouded in mostly insubstatiated rumors, few know what exactly happened, but they do know what happened next.

2015 - The Genetech War

Founded by the multi-national comapny known as Genetech in a world domination attempt that took the earth by surprise.  In one day, it was revealed that hundreds of thousands of Geneticaly altered humans were amongst them.   This was partialy true, only a few tens of thousands existed, but the rumors spread and grew, and it's sole purpouse was fullfilled.   Fear.   Neighbor turned to neighbor in a bloody battle that claimed many lives.   Fear of anything strange of abnormal ruled peoples lives, to the point that the Genetech strategy would have reduced the most powerful nations to mobs of paranoid, armed, raving maniacs.   But a Genetech had tampered too much with the human body.   Their experimental race suffered a catalysmic downfall, the degeneration of their own genetic programming.   Soon, all the Genetech 'spies' were revealled by their changing eyes or the claws and fur growing almost overnight.    The war was refueled, lead by the United American Nations in a massive creature-hunt.   Genetech retalliated with a new batch of humans who were designed for nothing but war.   These too were too heavily modified.   Their weapons became their downfal, as humans designed to channel huge sources of implanet Lucent Energy overloaded, becoming living bombs.   Sadly, most of these unfortunate 'volunteers' for Genetech died, but those who lived rallied under one rule, and captured New York state and a few surrounding miles of territory.  To this day it exists as a state of disorder as Gene Tech franticaly searches for a cure to the ailments it inflicted.   Ruled by the CEO of Genetech (the company itself is based on a heavily fortified and geographicaly-extended Ellis Island), the majority of the city is roving bands of nomadic creatures who have managed to survive.   They do not destroy the ancient buildings, rather, protect them from decay.   No one knows why, though they are now docile and protective of the city they claimed....they are not aware of their parent's war or the world around.   Antyhing that enters the city the are instructed to dispose of, no questions asked.   What little information exist comes from the few brave decendants who have braved the wastelands and made it to a city-state.   They rarely live in our atmosphere too long.

2100 - The BioRiots

Covetous of the technology that Genetech had pioneered.  The dictators and self-proclaimed leaders which had risen during the aftermath of The Genetech War now sought to expermient with biological processes.  The creation of new "versions" of human beings became rampant.  The search for the perfect form was an all consuming search.  It may have started out with noble intentions, but man's innate nature was too much for him to remain pure.  Human greed and lust for power got the better of the leader's of the world.  What had been small skirmishes over minor technologies soon turned to a global epidemic of war and in-fighting which spread like wildfire over the globe.  Soon all known nations found themselves involved in a fight for survival.  It was difficult to determine who was siding with who.  One nation fought against another nation one month, and then allied with them the next.  It was a war of confusion.

But this was a war unlike any that the world had ever experienced.  Biological warfare was conducted on a macroscale.  Chemical weapons were standard fare, and the earth suffered for it.  What was left of the world's animal population mutated many times over.  Hideous creatures from the nightmares of men appeared.  They had no care for their hapless creators.  Survival was foremost of the minds of the countless mutations--if they had minds that is.  One thing was sure though, the mutants were stronger and more vicious than man.  And perhaps, this is what saved mankind.

In 2103, mankind came to a realization.  The populations of the world were reaping the fruits of their biological insanity, and it was threatening to exterminate the human race.  So mankind united and fought back against the abominations which infested his homeland.

But unfortunately it was a war that humans could never win.  The mutations which crawled the earth's surface were too powerful, and virtually indestructible.  It soon became apparent that man's time on the earth had come to an end.

Only the sudden arrival of the comet saved man.

2104 - The Comet

Too occupied with staying alive, man failed to notice that a Class G comet was on a collision course with the earth.  The comet became visible and concerns were raised, but there threat of earthborn menaces was more immediate.

And on New Year's Eve 2104, the comet hit.  The shockwave was felt across the world, and it was widely speculated at the time that the earth was shaken from its orbit.  A cloud of dust enveloped the earth, darkening the sun for a full two years.  In a last ditch attempt to survive, humanity found itself forced to retreat into the depths of the earth.  Mankind--the cavedweller once again.

As it soon became apparent, this was to be the event which allowed the human race to survive.  The majority of the mutations were dependent on being exposed to the light of the sun on a regular basis.  The sun's light stamped out, the majority of the creatures died, giving humanity one last chance.

But the comet was also a harbinger of doom.  Beneath the comet's surface lurked a microscopic organism.  The comet's landing allowed these organisms to be released, unleashing them upon the unsuspecting earth.  A parasite of sorts, the organisms infected the mutations which had survived the comet's coming.  A new breed of mutation arose--a more intelligent species, capable of learning and adapting for survival.  Eventually, these creatures would adapt themselves with man's technology.  Truly, a new area had begun.

2133 - The Cyberspace Revolt

In 2133, the Technomancers were born.   As a combination of a study of the bodies reaction to being in realspace and cyberspace simultaneously via 'super imposing' realities, the Cybespace Revolt began.   From the labs of the first Technomancers, they disapeared, subjects armed with incredible technology and weaponry.   Using these and their own skills, these clever individuals made more and incredibly more advanced technology that the world had seen.   Their revolt was against any who opposed their idea of a Cyberspace realm for any who chose to enter.   The idea was unified, the way to get there unclear.   As the different Technomancer factions became clearer and clearer, they concentrated more and more on each other.   The Cyberspace realm became a warzone, and many innocent people were friend for fear of being a rival technomancer in disguise.   Finally, a young man entered Cyberspace with only an antiquated VR bodyset.  Immune to the Technomancers digital attacks, and too far away to be attacked physicaly, he wrecked enough havok to be heard.   He instigated the Crystal Realm, a seperate cyberspace for the Technomancers and their groups.   The rest of Cyberspace could be traversed by any, Technomancers and not, but none could be attacked as in the revolt.   The Technomancers eagerly agreed, and to this day, very few people are attacked in Cyberspace.   The Technomancers, free-willed and loosely organized, have little interest in the destruction of anything, but revel in their own personal exploits of information and data manipulation.   The Cyberspace Revolt laster approximately 10 years from begining to end, though the heaviest fighting was done in the last 2 years.   It also paved the way for the instigation of a standard Cyberrealm as a way for people to traverse huge spaceswithout the danger of the remaining Genetech nasties.

2111-2195 - The Exodus

Earth is gone.   Very little remains as a reminder of what once was.  Now, after all the war and disaster, the nations begin to crumble and people realize with horrifying certainty that there is definet safety in numbers.   Cities become megalopolises of humanity, the vast distances left traveled by only the bravest of men, and they are armed well.   The remainder of the space is now inhabited by wildlife.  Wild jungles may have 2 miles of broken hiway as a sole reminder of what was once there.  The cities themselves have become jungles of sorts.   Towering monuments of glass and steel, with a labryinth of streets below.   And huge expanses of shopping centers.   Services are bought and sold from Data-thieves to Mercenaries in daylight.   Few governments remain, the will to survive has united most of humanity.


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