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personal pages  

the zebulun chamber 
here is my brother's page dedicated to the industrial*hardcore*techo band zebulun also lyrics and original artwork and stories 

my web page 
here is a page by megan gage best described as yellow  

the oasis 
here is page by andrew keller that is for the artistic minded with pleasing backgrounds and a serial fiction mailing list 

the void 
here is a page by ken johnson with most excellent original artwork 

fALLEN Interactive  
here is a page by ben thornton with original fiction and poetry and the DOWNfALL serial cyberpunk storyline 

the simple home page  
here is a page by mike uchida who is a mack with original poetry and if you can find it the babe page 

here is a page by josh wilson and if you go you will find out why? 


flaming fish music 
here is the ultimate page for christian industrial information 

rescue records  
here is the page for bands such as p.o.d. and no innocent victim and mindrage and dirt and dogwood 

tooth & nail records  
here is the page for the premiere christian record label 


cult of jester 
here is a page from one of the most unique industrial artists i know of 

here is the page for the suffering if you've been hurt then here's somebody that can relate to you 

mental destruction  
here is a page from the best experimental noise makers in the business 

no innocent victim 
here is a page from the band from my home town i went to school with the lead singer and these guys can belt the hardcore with the professionals 


hm magazine 
here is the best source for your hard music interests 

true tunes 
here is the best place to buy music and even on-line if you want to 

ricochet music 
here is a very nice on-line e-zine with reviews and previews of new releases 


the cabinet of dr. casey here is the best horror web page on the internet with stories links pictures history and just a cool atmosphere 

the stephen king website 
here are pages dedicated to my favorite author with much information here 

l    o    s    e        s    e    l    f        i    n        h    e    r    e        a    n    d        l    o    s    e        y    o    u    r        s    o    u    l 

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